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Nigerian Fanta

Nigerian Fanta

Anyone who travels a lot will attest that there is no better tasting Fanta in the world than the African type. An Australian study discovered that an African Fanta was the best variation in the world yet. These studies often involved blindfolding the participants and giving them samples, and most would choose the same type.

Fanta is originally a German product and a temporary replacement for Coca-Cola when they could not find the right ingredients right after World War. Currently, different countries have different Fanta recipes to match the local community's taste buds and cuisines. They also contain different sweeteners, with more natural sugars, artificial sweeteners, or high-fructose corn syrup. Additionally, they all have different orange juice proportions, water, and mineral content, which all affect the final taste of the soda.

Should you buy Nigerian soda from an online African food store?

What is different about Nigerian Fanta? Like all other regions, the Nigerian Fanta complies with local laws and uses the most accessible raw materials. The country is rich in many natural sweeteners, including sugarcane, which improves the formalization and local taste. We stock the original Nigerian Fanta and are proud to have so much positive feedback about the taste. The soda prices at approximately the same price as all other Fanta sodas.

What else is good about Nigerian foods?

You may already know that Nigeria has many ethnic groups, which all have different cuisines. The central theme for all these foods is they are aromatic, lavish, and rich. Nigerian cuisine is becoming the next worldwide popular dish, and its array of dishes never disappoint.

The new Nigerian population in London is doing a great job spreading the gospel of Nigerian cuisine all around the city. People want to buy and create Nigerian dishes because they are readily available and fresher, and more delicious than the standard traditional London meal. Let's look at some of the influences that make the Nigerian dish distinctive and how you can benefit from our shop.

What can you make when you buy Nigerian food?

We stock many different foods for you to create a variety of Nigerian dishes. Nigerians love spicy and colorful foods; hence you can use various seasonings and spices from our shop to find unique recipe combinations. You can also find different oils to go along with the right recipe and bring together an authentic and flavorful dish. Some common and main Nigerian food items from the Gemini food shop include:

  • Rice
  • Cassava
  • Fufu plantain
  • Potatoes
  • Flour
  • Yam
  • Gari
  • Seafood like fillets and prawns
  • Grains and nuts like Ogbono

Are you ready to buy African food online? Nigerian cuisine is no longer a traditional food grade that you can only access when traveling to Nigeria. Bring the country closer to you by trying any popular delicacy with our range of ingredients. Gemini Foods is becoming one of the best Nigerian food sellers in London. We promise you will enjoy a typical Nigerian food party when serving these foods with a Nigerian Fanta accompaniment. Check out the store to purchase real foods from Africa in London.

Nigerian Fanta
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