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Has your once-gleaming metallic paint become dull or faded? At Reborn, we bring back your vehicle's brilliance with our unmatched expertise in metallic paint restoration. We use cutting-edge techniques and premium paints to ensure a flawless finish that exceeds manufacturer standards.

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What is Metallic Paint?

Metallic paint isn’t just any paint job; it’s an art form that creates a captivating depth and shimmer that changes with the light. This captivating effect is achieved through the use of tiny metallic flakes suspended within a transparent base coat. Let’s delve deeper into the science behind this dazzling finish:

The Flakes: The heart of metallic paint lies in the microscopic flakes that reflect light. Traditionally, these flakes were made of aluminum, but mica flakes are also used for a more pearlescent effect. The size, shape, and orientation of these flakes significantly impact the final appearance.

The Layers: Metallic paint typically involves a multi-layered approach:

  • Base Coat: This colored layer provides the foundation for the metallic effect. It’s often tinted to complement the metallic flakes and enhance the overall depth.
  • Metallic Flakes: These are suspended within a clear coat, allowing them to catch light and create the signature metallic shimmer.
  • Clear Coat: A final clear coat is applied to protect the paint job from UV rays, scratches, and environmental damage. It also adds a layer of gloss and enhances the overall shine.

The “Flop” Effect: Metallic paint exhibits a fascinating phenomenon called “flop” or “flip-flop.” This refers to the way the color and intensity of the shine change depending on the viewing angle. The size, shape, and orientation of the metallic flakes significantly influence this effect.

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Why Choose Reborn for Metallic Painting?

  • Unmatched Expertise
    Our seasoned professionals have years of experience in delivering flawless metallic paint jobs. Trust us to enhance your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal with precision and care.
  • High-Quality Materials
    We use only the best quality metallic paints that offer brilliant shine and long-lasting protection against the elements.
  • Advanced Techniques
    At Reborn, we combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology to provide a seamless, impeccable finish.

Our Metallic Painting Process

We understand the importance of transparency. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our proven metallic paint restoration process:

  • Initial Assessment: Our technicians meticulously evaluate the damage, considering the type of metallic paint used and the extent of the repair needed.
  • Color Matching: Using advanced technology, we achieve a perfect match to your vehicle’s original paint color.
  • Expert Paint Preparation: The damaged area is precisely prepped to ensure optimal paint adhesion.
  • Precise Paint Application: Our technicians apply the paint in a controlled environment for a flawless finish.
  • Clear Coat and Buffing: A high-gloss clear coat is applied to protect the paint, followed by meticulous buffing for an unmatched shine.
  • Quality Control: Our team rigorously inspects the final product to ensure it meets our high standards.

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1- What are the different types of metallic paint?

There are two main types of metallic flakes used: aluminum flakes (for a classic metallic shine) and mica flakes (for a pearlescent effect).

2- Can you fix scratches or dents in addition to the paint job?

Absolutely! Reborn offers comprehensive collision repair services. We can fix scratches, dents, and other imperfections before flawlessly restoring your metallic paint.

    3- Will the new paint job exactly match the rest of my car's paint?

    Yes, our meticulous color-matching process ensures a flawless finish that seamlessly blends with the existing paint.